Our latest update is the biggest update that the mobfish VR STUDIO has experienced so far, which is why there are two of them. With our latest update, you get another product from us: you can choose between new license models and enjoy a preview of your hotspots.

0.25: The mobfish VR STREAMER expands our product range

It’s finally here! We have been working on the mobfish VR STREAMER for a long time in order to give you the possibility of streaming the content of your VR glasses to a monitor both quickly and easily. All you have to do is download it for free and get started right away.

You can use our mobfish VR STREAMER to wirelessly stream content from your VR glasses to a monitor of your choice with just one click. Our new tool should support the VR community and make streaming easier for them.

Preparations for the big 0.26 update

The 0.26 update is one of the biggest updates for the mobfish VR STUDIO so far. Our team has done a lot of programming work behind the scenes to ensure the new pricing model and software change run smoothly.

109 minor bugs fixed

Our developers have had a lot to do! Besides preparations for the new update and the ongoing development of planned functions, our team has fixed more than 100 minor issues and bugs. These bug fixes are included in our software with update 0.25.

0.26: The mobfish VR STUDIO gets a new pricing model

After months of preparation, the time has finally come: update 0.26 is here! With this update, we can offer customers 4 different license models. Our new pricing model for the mobfish VR STUDIO now offers our users even more possibilities of finding the right license for themselves.


Our free variant will benefit those simply wanting to try out VR. Our free users can add their media and get creative with some hotspots. Though they can’t download their experience as an app at the end, they can view their app using our mobfish VR STUDIO app or with a limited WebVR version and show it to others.


The flex variant is primarily intended for customers who do not use our software all the time, but who just want to create an app once. With this variant, customers only pay for the exact amount of data and functions they need.


Our standard license gets its name because it is our most used model. Our standard license includes various free quotas that our customers can use to get creative.


In the business version, our customers have access to a much higher number of free quotas than with the standard license. This license is particularly suitable for customers who want to create a large number of projects and/or extensive projects.

Hotspot - Preview in the editor

Until now, you could only see the trigger in our hotspot editor. Many of our current users will remember the typical blue frame, which would show exactly where a hotspot was.

In one of our last updates, we made sure that the hotspots are always marked with a standard icon for all newer projects. This should improve the general comprehensibility of the hotspot systems in the mobfish VR STUDIO.

Until now, the hotspots consisted of two elements: the trigger (the icon which is displayed when the hotspot is not active) and the actual content. This is displayed when the hotspot is activated.

There was always a lot of testing involved, especially for the quiz, image and video hotspot, as the visualization of the content layer in the editor was completely missing.

With the 0.26 update, there is finally a preview for the content layer of the hotspots. The trigger icon or content layer of the hotspot will be displayed in accordance with the tab you are editing.

Self-service snipped for device codes

Device codes are needed to test VR experiences and are therefore an integral part of our software. Device codes from mobfish VR STUDIO apps can easily be added in the editor, allowing you to view the current project in the test app.

With our new update, a self-service snippet has been implemented in the device manager (preview tab). This is a small script which customers can embed on their own website.

By embedding the script, our customers can share their VR experiences with others via their website. Once made available, visitors to the website can add their own devices and enjoy the VR content provided.

Example: The embedded script on a customer’s website

The new look & feel of the preview tab

The old preview in the editor only consisted of text and the device manager. Our old preview was ready for a makeover, which has now arrived with update 0.26.

The old preview in the editor

We have given the preview page a completely new look & feel. You can now see the various platforms on which you can test your personal VR experience at a glance. In addition, there is a detailed description behind each icon stating how you can test your VR experience on the respective device.

The new look & feel

New hotspot for the WebVR variant - the audio hotspot

WebVR is currently only a reduced version of our fully-fledged app. At the moment, only the following hotspots are available:

This update has added another hotspot: the audio hotspot. So if you have used audio hotspots in some of your VR experiences, they will now also be displayed in the WebVR variant.

Note on devices - Support for WebVR

Again and again there are bug reports saying that functions in WebVR do not work smoothly on some devices.

This is mostly due to the fact that WebVR is currently only natively supported by very few devices or browsers. For this reason, from now on we will leave our users a note if WebVR is not natively supported by their current browser.

New help center should facilitate future use

Our old documentation has long been outdated and is now gradually being replaced by our new help center. Here you will find answers to FAQs as well as support for working with the mobfish VR STUDIO in the form of tutorials, release notes and much more.

Our help center is constantly growing and improving. Sometimes a link will lead to our old documentation and sometimes to our new help center, but gradually the new help center will replace our old documentation. You will be able to find all the important information from the documentation in the new help center.

123 minor bugs fixed

In addition to all the big features and changes, update 0.26 has seen more than 120 small improvements and bug fixes.

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