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The latest update is completely focussed on “customer support”. We have had many good conversations in the past weeks. Interestingly, some of the feedback was conflicting. Some of them have particularly emphasized fast and simple operation, whereas others have expressed problems with getting started.

Virtual Reality is quite a new field and it is not easy to present the complex requirements behind the mobfish VR STUDIO in a beginner-friendly way. Every day we work on making complexity invisible to the user. In many cases we do this successfully. In others we do not.

For this reason, we motivate our customers to get in touch with us and to ask open questions. This is because it is important to us that we understand where our product still has rough edges in terms of usability.

In recent weeks we have therefore looked into product tours and completely revised our introduction to the software. Our aim is to make the introduction to the software as easy as possible.

With today’s update we do not only provide some introductory tours, but also many small tours too. As a user of the mobfish VR STUDIO, you can selectively enter where you want to learn more.

For example, you can now find helpful tours to various hotspots in the editor, which explain how they work in short steps. For this purpose, we have built in help buttons and small (?). You can use these to start the tour again if you wish.

In our forthcoming updates, we will include more and more of the small help icons to improve the user experience in the future.

The hot wire to our product team

In addition, we have now moved FAQs and help articles directly to the new chat, so that you can directly access useful tools in the mobfish VR STUDIO.

This way, the chat becomes more of a direct means of communication between you and our product team. And we can support you even faster and more effectively with your projects.


From our perspective, Virtual Reality is still in its infancy, the numerous use cases must first be tried out and their added value recognized. Almost every day we receive new ideas on how VR offers a competitive edge. This is an exciting process! We learn from our customers out there and can also share important experiences. This is precisely why we attach so much importance to seamless communication and cooperation based on a partnership.

Numerous creative agencies and innovative SMEs outsource their IT to us and we want to promote this fruitful exchange even more actively in the future.

Our live chat!

Try it out and talk to us about your projects. The chat icon can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of all our web pages! If we’re not available on live chat, make sure you leave us contact information such as your email or phone number so we can respond as soon as we’re online.

VR news directly in the editor’s dashboard

We are in the process of making the dashboard much more attractive and making the most important information available at a glance. This also includes articles from our blog.

In the numerous blog posts, we not only inform you about the innovations of the mobfish VR STUDIO, but also pass on tips & experiences that we encounter in everyday life. So there is now direct access to the valuable articles in the dashboard.

Further changes to the dashboard will follow in the coming updates. Useless information and lots of text has been replaced by visual elements. These should also give new users of our software a better overview of the current status of their project.

Be excited, we have been doing some thinking!

Test projects in kiosk mode

In the last update we added the kiosk mode to the Pico headsets. The kiosk mode is perfectly suited for installations where the VR application has to be operated without supervision. The device starts directly in our mobfish VR STUDIO app. A breakout from the user side is not possible.

There is no need for trained personnel to take care of the seamless operation of the VR experience.

Until today, this function has been reserved for our Pro customers, who together with us have set up an app for Pico. From today, you can download our test app with the kiosk mode. This means that the kiosk mode can already be operated without a white-label app.

You can find them in the web editor under app downloads in the dashboard or in the preview tab.

WebVR share, full screen & much more!

The development in the area of WebVR has also not stagnated. This update mainly optimizes the embedded version of WebVR. This has not been really visible as an interactive element until now. When scrolling through it often gave the impression that it was just a picture.

A new “control bar” brings new features with it!

To help to visually separate WebVR from images, we’ve added a bar to the embedded version of WebVR, which also has good features!

Comparison images of an embedded variant of WebVR – before to after

Here’s what’s new:

  • A share button
  • A full screen button

Full screen is supported for the first time with this update. WebVR could also be shared before by simply sending the WebVR link. The button, however, also animates viewers and other users of your experience to share!

Trigger setting support for WebVR!

The hotspots in WebVR now also support any trigger settings. This gives you much greater flexibility with the interactive hotspots in WebVR.

Hotspots can be faded in or out in no time at all depending on the current time of the background medium. Hotspots can now also pause the 360° background video when activated and much more.

Take a look at the extensive trigger settings in the editor and see for yourself. Are some of these settings not yet quite clear to you? If so, do not hesitate to contact us – feedback is important for us!

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