You can try some of the mobfish VR STUDIO services free of charge. These so-called “Free Quotas” provide a limited amount of media you can upload and use in mobfish VR STUDIO. Free Quotas are designed to allow you a deep insight in mobfish VR STUDIO by practically trying a wide range of our services. 

Setting up your very first VR project, for example, could be a great way to explore mobfish VR STUDIO as a platform for your projects. You can also test your created VR Experience on different platforms, such as Oculus, SteamVR, iOS/Android etc...

When you create a mobfish VR STUDIO account, you're automatically signed up for the FREE plan. This license is not limited in time and allows you to use all Free Quota included in the FREE plan.

If you’re using the FREE plan, you must keep your usage below the Free Quota limits, otherwise the access to your app will be locked. You may have to consider either upgrading your plan, cleaning up resources or waiting for the next cycle of free quota allotment. For every other plan, you are charged for any usage that exceeds the limits. 

To help you stay within the limits, you can track your Free Quota usage at your mobfish VR STUDIO dashboard. 

If you don't use the full benefits provided by the Free Quota in a given month, the benefits don't roll over to the next month. To maximize your Free Quota benefits, be sure to spend time with mobfish VR STUDIO each month, trying out the features that you're curious about.

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