Something you find for every hotspot is a trigger. As a first step, you choose what the icon should look like and what the user will see. We always automatically create a black circle with a white ring, but you can use any motif you want.

To change your icon, simply click on the icon displayed to you. Your Media Library will open instantly and you can then select what you need.

The next step is to set the size of your icon. You can use the slider for this.

Under “Hotspot name visibility”, you can set when and if the name of the hotspot should be visible. You can choose between “Show”, “Don’t show” and “Only on hover”.

With “Focus point trigger”, you can choose how the hotspot is activated. The default for this is 2 seconds. This means that users without a controller just need to hover over the hotspot for 2 seconds to activate it.

You can also choose between “auto activate”, which starts the hotspot automatically when it is visible, “hide close button” and “360° video pause”.

At the bottom you can determine the position of your hotspot. You can also simply drag it to the position of your choice in the editor.

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